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Welcome to Grassfunder!

The writing and creative arts industry demands a crowdfunding site which fits their needs and values... where ethical conduct matters as much as content. GrassFunder gives you the funding platform you need now.

We exist to fill a temporary (we hope!) need in the creative communities. Click here for a longer explanation of why we're doing this.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Us

  • Who's running this?

    ComicMix Pro Services, a company that specializes in helping comic creators do whatever they need to make their comics happen. With crowdfunding becoming ever more important to creator plans and incomes, we know they can't wait for Kickstarter to get their act together any longer, so we started Grassfunder.

    We are not associated with Kickstarter United in any way.
  • What projects can I create?

    Currently, we are in a limited rollout, so we are primarily focusing on comics, gaming, and publishing projects, but as things progress, we know that will grow. Every project is curated by us, so don’t be afraid to contact us and ask!

    (Common sense, though; if your project wouldn't pass muster on other sites, it's unlikely to be approved here.)
  • What are your fees?

    If your all-or-nothing project succeeds, or you choose flexible funding where you collect everything, or you have rewards that will be fulfilled whether or not you reach your goal, there's a 5% fee plus 2.9% + 30¢ per successful card charge. If your all-or-nothing project fails, no fees will be charged.

    (Yes, our fees are intentionally identical to Kickstarter. We don't want people coming here because we're cheaper, but to send a message.)

  • Is Grassfunder unionized?

    Not currently. Since the only people presently involved are the founding team working on a stop-gap measure, unionization is not an issue. If this becomes a permanent business and we need to hire staff, we will contact the union first. We are pro-union.
  • How long are you doing this?

    That depends on how long it takes for Kickstarter to recognize their employee union. If they do it in two weeks, we'll shut down in two weeks. If they do it in two months, we'll shut down in two months. If they do it in two years... well, by that point, we'll have our own employees to worry about.
  • About that name, are you funding...?

    No, that's the one thing we definitely AREN'T funding. Get your wacky tobaccy money somewhere else.

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