Frequently Asked Questions

Why GrassFunder.Com?

We exist to fill a temporary (we hope!) need in the creative communities.  

The writing and creative arts industry demands a crowdfunding site which fits their needs and values. Ethical conduct matters as much as content. can fulfill those needs and give you the funding power you need.

Crowdfunding has revolutionized the creative arts industries, raising millions of dollars per year for creators and their works while providing thousands of books for readers and a much needed source of income for creators, and helping to shepherd many award-winning books (including our own “Mine!”). Clearly, crowdfunding has become a major part of the comics, gaming, and publishing industry.

However, there are now serious problems with the leading crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter.

We have noted their unfriendly stance towards employee unions previously [ComicMix Post/], and had hoped that they would change their ways. However, new reporting has shown that our hopes have so far been in vain, and that Kickstarter does not intend to live up to their values as a public benefit corporation with regards to their own employees. As a result, a tremendous backlash has started against Kickstarter, with numerous project creators, project backers, cheerleaders and evangelists for the service boycotting the platform or abandoning it entirely. This will turn into a vicious downward spiral, reducing the number of projects as well as the audience, which in turn means fewer projects will be backed to completion.

While we respect that the unofficial Kickstarter union has not called for a boycott, we can no longer tie our own business plans to Kickstarter’s dwindling platform. And we aren’t the only ones.

We have started as a viable alternative to Kickstarter in the hope that that company will do the right thing by its people in the near future. Unless and until that happens, we at will continue to give the Creative Community the crowdfunding ability it needs and deserves.


Are there any upfront costs in posting a project on GrassFunder.Com?


If your project succeeds, there will be a fee of 5% to cover operating expenses.  However, if your project fails, there will be no fees.

What are the fees I pay on a successfully funded campaign going towards?

Operational Costs

Basically, all of this costs money to do.  Website maintenance, bank transfers, hosting, etc. Any funds received will go towards keeping this place going.

Is GrassFunder.Com unionized?

Not currently.

Since the only people presently involved are the founding team working on a stop-gap measure, unionization is not an issue.  If this becomes a permanent business and we need to hire staff, we will contact the union first. We are pro-union.

What happens if my project doesn’t get funded?

Please contact us.

That means all the pledges will be refunded to campaign supporters. If the campaign wants to try again, they can reach out to the GF team for assistance.

I backed a project on here but I haven’t received my stuff yet!

What can I do?

Something to always keep in mind with projects is that projected timelines don’t always pan out. Please reach out to the campaign team for assistance.  If you still have not heard back, let us know at the general inquiries email.

What kinds of projects can I post on GrassFunder.Com?

Are there limitations?

Currently, we are in a limited rollout. That means we are focusing on comics, gaming projects, and books.  As things progress, that may or may not change.  Everything is carefully curated, so don’t be afraid to contact us and ask!